Fixmyswitch helps homeowners and business owners with a wide variety of repair services. Let us help you fix problems or make improvements to your home. Whatever your needs, we are up to the task.

Our owner/operator is a union trained master electrician with 15 years of experience in residential and commercial electrical work. FixMySwitch services the Baltimore metropolitan area. Contact us today for a site visit and estimate.

Sometimes power may be lost to a light fixture, receptacle, appliance or electronics. Other times a circuit breaker or GFCI will trip for some unknown reason. $75/hr to locate and fix.

From replacing a simple light fixture, to installing new construction recessed lights, we meet all your lighting needs with professionalism. Starting at $50.  

Is your fan not functioning properly? It may be time for a new fan. Do you have a room that needs some circulation, but has no ceiling fixture at all? Lets get a fan in that room. Starting at $125

Do you have a receptacle that is loose, shaky or not functional. Is your receptacle sparking at times. Let us replace that hazard and give you faith that you and your family are safe. Starting at $50

Are you looking to put an addition on your home or have real estate that you would like to rehab? Fixmyswitch specializes in rehabs from scratch, and will deliver a quality product for you and your tenants. $Price varies.

Older homes were built when we didn't have 10 televisions, electric heat and stoves, microwaves etc. Is your home equipt to manage your loads, or do you need to upgrade your amperage. Prices vary, but start at $1200 for (100A)

During times of war, aluminum wiring was used in newly built homes in America. Mixing wiring in homes can be a hazard if not pig-tailed correctly during rehabs. Rewire completely or pigtail for safety. $Price varies.

Fixmyswitch handles a wide variety of installations, We take pride in being able to satisfy our customers needs. We will address your issue once you have given us details on your current demand.

We bring Power to Life

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